1. What Are The Working Hours Of Your Company?

Warehouse’s working hours are 7 am to 3.30 pm, and the company’s office is open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

2. How Can I Place An Order?

Orders can be placed by telephone during our working hours from 9am to 5pm +60 111 232 77 31 , +60 149 504 589 Phone Numbers, or 24 hours a day via email.

3. How Can I Check The Products Availability And The Dates Of Realization Of The Order?

The best option is to contact directly one of our vendors. You can also contact us via e-mail address: Sales@cmphogrps.com

4. When Do You Load The Products?

Loadings take place every day from Monday to Friday from 7am to 3.30 pm.

5. Where Is Your Company’s Warehouse And Where Does The Loading Take Place?

Our main warehouse is located in Kuching Sarawak. Malaysia and here we make the loading and shipment of goods (EXW).

6. Will The Loading Run Smoothly? Do You Have A Forklift?

Yes, we have our own forklifts and experienced forklift operators.

7. Is It Possible To Load The Goods Into The Container?

Yes, it’s not a problem, the products can be loaded into the container.

8. Is It Possible To Supervise The Loading Of Goods?

Yes, if the client wants to be present during the loading of goods, we have nothing against it.

9. What Are The Methods Of Payment Accepted By Your Company?

We only accept payments by bank transfer to our designated bank account of our company.

10. Can I Pay In Cash?

No, we do not accept cash payments.

11. Do I Have To Pay For The Goods In Advance?

Yes, we only accept payments in advance before loading the goods in our warehouse. If, despite our impeccable reputation you have any questions, you can inspect the goods at our warehouse. We invite you to Sarawak-Malaysia.

12. Is It Possible To Deliver The Goods With Our Own Transportation?

No, we do not accept such a possibility. As a rule, we send our products with such companies as : DHL Logistics, which guarantee a high level of transport services so that the goods can reach their destination without any problems

13. Who Is Responsible For The Transportation Costs?

Transportation is at your expense.

14. Is It Possible To Stick The Labels On The Goods With Additional Information Such As The composition Of The Product In The National Language Of The Country Of Destination, The name Of The Importer, Etc..?

Yes. In the case of beverage cans with a capacity of 0.33 l there is no problem, we make use of professional labeling machine and thus the customer gets the goods packed „as the label.” In the case of 0,25 l cans, PET bottles and cartons of juice Cappy, etc., is sticking with manual devices for labeling. Cost of service labels and sticking labels borne by the customer.